Dave Tiedemann is a Creative Director born x raised & based in Hamburg, Germany.

He offers creative direction, art direction and design for print, digital and film including editorials and fashion campaigns.

Dave is a universal creative and a man of many masks. He has distinctive skills in ideation and  campaigning across all channels.

As a creative he has over 25 years experience working with national and international advertising agencies, such as Red Rabbit, J. Walter Thompson, Ogilvy, McCann, Peter Schmidt Group, TBWA, 
Jung v. Matt on a broad variety of industries and clients, including clients he moonlighted for in Los Angeles, California and Portland, Oregon.

Dave has worked in a variety of different environments: From advertising agencies and editorial environments, to start-ups and e-commerce and performance driven companies using his skills coming up with product designs (digital and analog), editorial designs, b2b marketing communication as well as „classical“ ad campaigning and digital communication including messaging across all relevant channels.